commonly asked questions about our farm guesthouse!


Q: When we rent the guesthouse what spaces on the property can we use?

A: Whichever dwellings have been included in your rental, as well as the pool and hot tub, and expansive lawn. DO NOT go beyond the fence as the horses are on a separate property, and please stay off of the fields being farmed.


Q: Can we invite other guests to join us while we are at the guesthouse?

A: The property is for the exclusive use of registered guests unless you have pre-approval from the hosts. This is an ideal site to rent for a family reunion when the whole group will be staying onsite, but it is not a party property - noise should never be disruptive to neighbours.


Q: Do you allow tents or RVs on the property?

A: No, camping is not permitted at this site.


Q: What are the rules around noise/music?

A: In accordance with local bylaws noise and music must stop at 10pm or earlier.


Q: Can we have a campfire?

A: There are limited times of the year when campfires are permitted on the property. Please check with your hosts before lighting up! Wildfire is a concern in dry years even in early spring and later into the fall.


Q: Are there trails on the property?

A: Yes, for non-motorized use. Please ask for directions before setting out!


Q: Can I rent your property to host my wedding/party?

A: Events are only allowed with pre-approval (fees apply). For insurance reasons you cannot invite guests who are not registered to use the property or amenities (hot tub and pool) onsite.


Q: Can we explore the farm?

A: We offer a farm tour for groups staying four or more nights on the farm. If you would like to take advantage of this please arrange a time with your hosts when you arrive. Do not go beyond the guesthouse yard without getting in touch with Steve or Annelise as this is an active farm with a variety of livestock and fencing.


Q: Is there wildlife around the farm?

A: Yes, we frequently see coyotes, black bears, and many different beautiful birds. Please do not leave food outdoors, and dispose of garbage and compost responsibly - if you need your compost emptied let us know!


Q: How is the pool/hot tub maintained?

A: Someone will be onsite daily to monitor and maintain the cleanliness of the pool and hot tub for your comfort and safety. We will always aim to do this before 9am.